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Voter Registration Drive a Success

By Allison Schilling
Storrs Chapter President

I am so excited that so many members of the UConn community were engaged with our voter registration campaign.  The UConn Votes Coalition registered more than 3,500 voters, which matches our effort in 2008 – a year of record turnout. I’m proud of what we have accomplished.

With that being said, this registration drive was just the first step.  We have less than 10 days left until the election and many first time voters haven’t made a plan to get to the polls.

In the final weeks, we’ll be asking thousands of students on campus to Pledge to Vote.  We know that voting is habit forming – if someone is asked to form a mental image of the act of voting, it helps trigger the habit

So, we’ll do even more class announcements and talk to students face to face on campus at tables.  We’ll call every student who registered to vote with us and make sure they know where their polling place is and how they’re going to get there.