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Who We Are:

CONNPIRG is an independent statewide student directed and student funded organization that works on issues like environmental protection, and consumer protection.  Since 1973, CONNPIRG students have been making a real difference in people’s lives and winning solid changes to build a better world. 

Trinity students are already making huge impacts. CONNPIRG has been working to pass the statewide ban on single-use polystyrene, what most people call Styrofoam. These products, including foam cups, containers, and trays, result in significant amounts of pollution. We only use them for a few minutes, but they remain in the ecosystem and landfills for hundreds of years. The Foam Free CT legislation is the next step for Zero Waste, following our successful campaign for a plastic bag ban in Connecticut in 2019!

CONNPIRG gives students the skills and opportunity to practice effective citizenship. Both here on campus and out in the world, we mobilize students to investigate big social problems, come up with practical solutions, convince the media and the public to pay attention and get decision-makers to act.

Learn more about the CONNPIRG fee at Trinity College here.

Current Campaigns: Zero Waste, Hunger and Homelessness, and Open Educational Resources (Affordable Textbooks).

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Office of Sustainability
Trinity Green Dot
Trinity Treehouse
Trinfo Cafe
Green Campus

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