Campus Organizer: Justin Landry,

CONNPIRG is an independent statewide student directed and student funded organization that works on issues like environmental protection, and consumer protection.  For 30 years students have been making a real difference in people’s lives and winning solid changes to build a better world. Trinity students are already making huge impacts. Just one of the many impactful campaigns that CONNPIRG works on is stopping the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms. The overuse of antibiotics creates ‘superbugs’ which can cause illnesses that can’t be cured.  This increases the risk that the next time you or a loved one gets sick, our life-saving medicines won’t work. To prevent this from happening we need the restaurants that buy from factory farms to call for change. Just recently, CONNPIRG helped convince McDonalds and Subway to stop selling chicken raised on antibiotics! (This is a huge victory for public health!). The passion and drive of students have already lead to one great victory for public health. Victories such as the McDonald’s and Subway victory could not be done without student support and leadership.

CONNPIRG gives students the skills and opportunity to practice effective citizenship. Both here on campus and out in the world, we mobilize students to investigate big social problems, come up with practical solutions, convince the media and the public to pay attention and get decision-makers to act.

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