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Cole von Richthofen

With the election season in its final stretch, president Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney are scrambling to visit colleges to secure the youth vote.

To college-aged students, perhaps one of the most relevant issues this election is how each candidate plans to tackle rising college costs. Tuition at the University of Connecticut is expected to rise 6 percent for each of the next four years, due largely to faculty expansion plans....

....In the 2008 election, President Obama did significantly better than John McCain among college-aged students, and with 2012 seeing significant youth voter registration, the question remains whether or not Mr. Obama continues to be popular with students. UConn clubs such as CONNPIRG and SUBOG, among others, teamed up recently in the UConn Votes registration drive. By setting up registration tables right within residence and dining halls, it was easier than ever for students to prepare to vote; many students who had already registered in their home towns decided to register in Storrs rather than send out absentee ballots.

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