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Stephen Underwood

Stephen Petkis, the USG president, said, “One of the great programs on campus is UConn Votes, which is a nonpartisan coalition between ConnPIRG, SUBOG and many other student organizations with the sole purpose of registering new voters. I think this year the drive to register new voters on campus has been successful and I know that thousands of applications have been turned in. I also have to credit ConnPirg for all the work they have done in making sure students are registered through their continued outreach.”

The Connecticut Public Interest Research Group (ConnPirg), a student-run political advocacy group, has led efforts in new voter registration drives on campus. Together with other organizations in partnership with the UConn Votes project, as well as with ConnPirg’s New Voters Project, over 3,000 voter registration forms were turned in this fall from UConn students.

Lauren Simon, the New Voters project coordinator for ConnPirg, said, “We headed a campaign to get students registered all across campus. From registering students right in their dorm rooms, setting up tables all over campus and even in dining halls, our initiative was to make registration as accessible and easy as possible. A lot of students were excited to register, and I think that some students thought it was a complicated process but were surprised at how easy it was. We had over 70 student volunteers helping out…While there was high voter turnout four years ago, excitement has been building as the election draws closer and students seem very enthusiastic.”

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