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Putting a Dent in College Costs With Open-Source Textbooks

College students could save an average of $128 a course if traditional textbooks were replaced with free or low-cost “open-source” electronic versions, a new report finds.

How students are engaging textbook companies in a duel against high prices, and winning

Before entering the classroom of an intro-level economics course, students get a real-life experience with the subject — the required textbook costs $290 on Amazon.

Media Hit | New Voters Project

Students reflect on rising cost of college, what tuition prices mean for presidential election

With the election season in its final stretch, president Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney are scrambling to visit colleges to secure the youth vote.

Media Hit | New Voters Project

Volunteers encourage voter registration

With the election a little over a week away, volunteers have been busy across university campuses to register eligible voters.

Media Hit | New Voters Project

Signing up to Vote

The deadline to register by mail is midnight tonight.

In order to beat that deadline, the Connecticut Public Interest Research Group began working early this week to register college-age students in the state to vote, including many at Central Connecticut State University. The registration efforts are expected to have helped more than 1,000 students at four universities — including CCSU — to register by mail Monday and today.


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