Our Team

Student Board

Kyleigh Hillerud // Board Chair


Kyleigh is a Junior, majoring in Digital Media & Design at the University of Connecticut. She has been working with PIRG since her first semester as a freshman where she started as a social media intern on the 100% renewable energy campaign. She then worked as the communications coordinator on the New Voters Project during the midterm election in 2018, and currently runs the Zero Waste campaign. Being able to make a tangible difference on her campus brought her into PIRG, but she stays involved because of the passion and drive of the people in the organization. When not doing PIRG work, you can find Kyleigh in the library or in the art building.

Emily O’Hara // Vice Chair


Emily is a pre-law senior, double-majoring in Political Science and English. She has been a member of PIRG since her first semester of freshman year, and has organized on the New Voters Project as well as the Save the Bees campaign. Emily continues to organize with PIRG because she is inspired by student empowerment through grassroots change, having seen the impact that organizing can have on the environment and on democracy–and, she is obsessed with voting rights. Emily loves facilitating, and has gained experience as a facilitator through ski-instructing, mentorship programs, and, of course, being a campaign coordinator.

Sam Donahue  //  Treasurer


Sam is a senior, majoring in Accounting at the University of Connecticut. He’s been with PIRG since the first semester of his sophomore year. Growing up with a love of the outdoors, Sam has a passion for environmental issues. He started as an intern on the Save the Bees campaign, went on to run the campaign, and was eventually elected Treasurer of the UConnPIRG chapter; a role that he currently holds. Working with PIRG has allowed Sam to make a tangible difference on campus, and has brought him a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment with how he has spent his time as an undergraduate student. When not doing PIRG work, you can find Sam cramming for an exam, playing the guitar, or listening to music.

Coleen Keller //  Secretary


Colleen is a sophomore, majoring in History on the education track at the University of Connecticut. She started working with PIRG her first semester on campus as a volunteer on the Hunger and Homelessness campaign, and now runs the campaign herself. Seeing such an amazing, passionate group of people work to effect change in the environment and public policy, as well as to alleviate poverty, inspires her and is the reason Colleen continues to work with PIRG. She loves working with students to encourage leadership, whether that be in the classroom, on the cross country course, or in PIRG.


Samantha Gibb // Organizing Director


Sam oversees student leaders on college campuses across New England and directs campus organizing efforts on a variety of public interest issues. In previous roles with CALPIRG Students, she worked with USC and UCLA students to run a grassroots petition drive and city council lobbying campaign to pass a plastic bag ban in Los Angeles, effectively eliminating 3 billion bags from circulation. Over the past nine summers, the canvass offices she has overseen have raised $3 million for nonprofit advocacy groups. Sam lives in Boston where she enjoys biking, swimming and visiting beautiful places around Massachusetts.

Justin Landry // Campus Organizer


Justin is a campus organizer, working with CONNPIRG at Trinity College and UConn Hartford. He graduated from Keene State in 2018, with a degree in Environmental Studies, with a minor in Geology. He’s most passionate about environmental issues, like the Zero Waste and 100% Renewable Energy campaigns. He hates disposable water bottles, and aims to cause a change in culture through one-on-one connection and education. He spends most of his free time making cozy clothing for his friends.

Jim Leahy // State House Advocate

Jim Leahy has 30 years of experience in lobbying, non-profit association management and political organizing. An expert in building strong grassroots organizations, he has worked with clients in a wide variety of sectors, including healthcare, environment, consumer protection, public safety, as well as arts & culture. His advocacy track record includes several high profile wins, including two first-in-the-nation laws, one to require labeling genetically modified foods and another to require labeling small parts that pose choking hazards to children under 3.

Dan Xie  //  Political Director


Dan directs the national political strategy and grant fundraising for the Student PIRGs. Dan has managed successful campaigns from coast to coast to cap global warming pollution, fight the high cost of higher education, and make voting more accessible for students. She has recruited and trained hundreds of students and staff on public interest campaigns and got her start as an intern with CALPIRG Students. Dan lives in St. Petersburg, Fla., where she is an avid cyclist and climber.